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Come with us! We just bought an important part of Rozbrat. More precisely: a share in it. To do this we borrowed a lot of money from various people and initiatives. Now we have to give back 320 thousand zlotys. We have already used most of what we have developed to carry out social and environmental activities.
After years of fighting for preservation of Rozbrat, the most critical moment in almost thirty years of history of this place is coming. A court hearing will be held on September 15th, at which a final judgment is to be issued, giving a green light to the eviction of Rozbrat.
poniedziałek, 16 marzec 2020 Anarchist Federation Poznan News in english

The state will dissapoint you. The COVID19 epidemic requires mutual aid

In view of the spread of the coronavirus, governments around the world are taking extraordinary measures with the motto of fighting the epidemic. Without doubt, protecting our lives and health is of the utmost importance. However, the introduction of extraordinary laws is often accompanied – now and in the past – by abuse of power. The epidemic crisis is hitting the poorest sections of our society twice as hard where the elite can perfectly secure their future.
World, Mar 9th As part of the International Women’s Day celebrations, at early hours of today a group of women occupied the coal mine in Tomoslawice, central Poland. The ongoing occupation begun at 5.30am and so far the women are successfully blocking the mine from operating.
In October, Rozbrat squat is celebrating its 25th birthday, but its future is uncertain. A bailiff is preparing to auction off the plot, which we occupy. We won’t give it up without a fight!  
Bailiff Bartosz Guzik will surely remember this past Monday afternoon for a long time to come. According to media broadcasts, a couple hundred people rallied on the street outside of his office. Poznań residents came out to protest the bailiff’s plans to auction off the land where Rozbrat squatted social center has been based for the past 25 years.  
czwartek, 20 czerwiec 2019 Freedom Fighters Crew News in english

Freedom Fighters #11

On 15-16.06 weekend 11th Freedom Fighters league took place. Fighters and spectators came from numerous european (and not only) cities – we had them from Germany, Czech rep, Holland, Belgium, England and Greece. We had also a competitor from New Zeland, who won his fight and set new FF arrival distance record :).
środa, 12 czerwiec 2019 News in english

#rozbratstays #rozbratbleibt

Does Rozbrat have problems? Rozbrat has friends! Rozbrat stays! [we need your help] Since Rozbrat's land is about to be auctioned off we've started a support campaign which coincides with the 25th birthday of our squat coming later this year.  
piątek, 17 listopad 2017 News in english

Poznan united Against Nationalism

On November 15th Poznan Against Nationalism coalition organized a demonstration in the center of Poznan, Poland. The people of Poznan have proven they will not get threatened by fascists and the fake news they spread – their strategy based on creating fear and tension did not succeed. The antifascist demonstration was around 700-people strong.
czwartek, 28 kwiecień 2016 News in english

Three months in jail for eviction blockade

On the 27th of April Lukasz Bukowski, a participant of Anarchist Federation Poznan, Poland, went to prison for three months. He had been charged and sentenced with the breach of bodily integrity of a police officer which had happened during the eviction blockade of a disabled woman and her husband, Katrzyna and Ryszard Jencz, from a tenement house in Poznan, Poland. Lukasz refused to pay the fine, which then was changed to community work and then to a prison term. He appeared at a prison in Poznan where he will spend the next three months.
wtorek, 09 czerwiec 2015 Collectives Od:zysk/Rozbrat News in english

Poznań - nationalists attack an anarchist squat and café

On 7th June Lech Poznań football team won the Championship of Poland. Using the cover of celebrations, far right hooligans attacked Od:zysk squat in the centre of the city. There was also an attack on anarchist bookshop Zemsta: the doors were set on fire and flares have been thrown inside the building through the broken windows.This is the statement from Od:zysk/Rozbrat squats collectives on these incidents:
czwartek, 30 sierpień 2012 News in english

Eviction of the Workshop squat

“The Workshop” squat-in-making has been forcibly evicted yesterday (8/29/2012) in Poznań, western Poland by the police, followed by the property owner. The announced opening party was scheduled on Friday, 8/31.
niedziela, 05 luty 2012 News in english

Tenants' activities in Poznan in 2011

We may consider the passing year two-way in the domain of tenants' issues in Poznań. Firstly, it was a breakthrough year, mainly because of developing collaboration with residents of the city. Secondly, growing part of the community has begun to experience raising effects of the economic crisis, tied with antisocial policies of the city hall, as well as they perceived no influence whatsoever over the common budget management.
On April 26, 2011, a few dozen people attended a rally against nuclear energy in the city of Poznan, Western Poland. The main slogan was "Chernobyl, Fukushima, Klempicz - nuclear power plants are not and will never be safe." The rally attracted the attention of passers-by and the local media. It was initiated by the Anarchist Federation from Poznan, but local groups as the samba band Rhythm of Resistance and Food Not Bombs joined.
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Rafał Górski passed away

4 July, after a long-term disease Rafał Górski died. He was an anarchist and an activist of the Worker's Initiative Trade Union and the anarchist movement, a researcher of history of syndicalism and anarchism, an author of numerous articles and books. The Worker's Initiative Trade Union is in mourning after the loss of a remarkable animator of union activities, a man of great authority. For many of us this is a loss of one of our closest friends.
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