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ROZBRAT STAYS - LET'S RECLAIM THE CITY", on 9 May there will be a demonstration in defence of Rozbrat taking place. We invite all of you to take part in it. We start at 3 p.m. In front of the Opera house, Fredry Street. In the evening there will be a party at Rozbrat.We will try to provide a sleeping place for everyone, you can also take tents with you.When the dark clouds over Rozbrat squat have become a real threat we decided to organize a first (but probably not the last) demonstration in defence of our space. As some of you may already know, things around Rozbrat's future started happening - the bank, the court, the auction. We will not wait passively, it's high time to show our presence in the city, in its streets.
czwartek, 22 styczeń 2009 News in english

Eviction of a new squat in Poznan

8 squatters from Poznan were arrested today morning during an eviction of a new squat in Poznan city centre (the building was squatted for 2 months). The people arrested were not only the squatters from this squat but also people from Poznan's oldest squat Rozbrat (, who came to support them. There is a picket in front of the cop station taking place right now. The eviction of the squat was announced by cops few days ago, but it was also illegal, they had no warrant to come into the building. Media were called and they filmed everything.
The University held a meeting during which some Polish citizens were supposed to be awarded for their aid to Jewish people during WWII. When the Israeli ambassador started his speech anarchists unfurled a banner saying "Stop the slaughter in Gaza" and started to shout anti-war slogans. Then one man from the audience attacked the protesters, the people gathered in the hall started to pull the fighting people apart. The cops who were outside of the university walked 6 anarchists out of the hall, three of them were arrested and charged with an assault on Israeli journalist (he was taken to the hospital).
czwartek, 15 styczeń 2009 News in english

Rozbrat squat communique

Today morning a bailiff together with locksmiths, assessor and cops came to Rozbrat squat. After negotiations with a group of squatters the assessor was let in and took photos of the ground but was not allowed into any of the buildings. It turned out the proce estimation made a year ago had to be done again. We found out that the previous price of the ground is 6 million zlotys (1,5 million euro) and the new one is supposed to be higher. Also, we were told that the auction of the ground can take place within 3 months.We keep our eyes open and will let you know when the mobilization moment comes.
środa, 12 listopad 2008 News in english


The lawyer of Rozbrat squat has obtained an information that the bailiff/debt collector has just sent the records and complete documentation to the court in order to set the date of the auction. This date may appear soon. The ground where Rozbrat is situated may be sold. The campaign "Rozbrat stays!" was not very loud in the last months but it does not mean that the situation of Rozbrat has stabilized. We ask you to keep your eyes open and support us when necessary. Our stand is unchanged: we won't give up without fight!Rozbrat Collective
środa, 12 listopad 2008 News in english

Interview with Rozbrat activists

This interview was published in 31st issue of "Abolishing the Borders from Below" (2008), anarchist journal from Eastern Europe.1. ABB: What do you think Rozbrat means for the anarchist movement from Poland and from Poznan?D.: Actually, when you think about anarchist movement in Poznan, you think exactly about Rozbrat, as a place that gathers free-thinking and anarchist milieus. For now it is quite difficult to imagine the anarchist movement without Rozbrat. Most of the activists from - what you call today - the anarchist movement in Poland became active when Rozbrat already existed. It means that they somehow had to refer to this active centre in Poznan. During those years hundreds of anarchist meetings, discussions and congresses took place here. There are not many anarchists in Poland who haven't had any relation to this place. I think it wouldn't be an exaggeration if I said that the anarchist milieu that is active around Rozbrat is today the oldest continuously active and the most diverse milieu in Poland. For the anarchist movement in Poland, relatively young and undermined by plagues of evanescence, such experience is a value itself.
A week after the international days of action in defense of squats and autonomous spaces, a demo under the same slogans took place in Poznan, Poland. At the Old Market Square there were samba drummers, Food not Bombs, fireshow, tallbike wars, speeches about squats and autonomous spaces, soundsystem and screening of videos from European squats' evictions & slideshow about Rozbrat and squatting in general.After 13 years of its existence, Rozbrat squat in Poznan will be soon auctioned and is in danger of eviction. So far, due to long legal processes, the situation is suspended and the auction date is still not known. We still do not know when the final decisions about the squat will take place. But we are not passively waiting, we still need your support, we organize loads of events at the squat and you're all welcome to come. But the red alarm is on!
piątek, 12 wrzesień 2008 News in english

Rozbrat - a free space in an unfree world

Article written for the ESF in Malmo - September 2008Rozbrat squat is situated in Western city of Poland - Poznan. The city is one of the richest ones in Poland, it's close to the German borders, the unemployment rate is much lower than in the other parts of Poland, there is an International Trade Center plus a lot of hotels for its guests, there's a football stadium that will be one of the stadiums for Euro 2012, there's one the best awarded shopping malls owned by one of the richest people in Poland. And yeah, the richest guy in Poland is from Poznan, him and his wife were given a ground for their shopping mall by the neoliberal president of Poznan on very doubtful grounds, now he's legally sentenced for this. He's also sentenced for banning several demonstrations in the city, at one of them - the infamous gay pride in 2005, 60 people were illegally arrested, finally, no one - apart from the president - was charged. Poznan is also a city where F-16 aircrafts have their base, it's located within the borders of the city, being very dangerous and burdensome for its neighbors and all inhabitants of the…
You can download the video "Rozbrat. Episode 1" (length: 30 minutes), together with English subtitles. The video was made in 2004 and describes the situation of the squat at that time and also tells the history of the squat and shows the activities we're ivolved in. We encourage you to download the video and to show it anywhere you can. If you want to, you can also contribute and translate the subtitles to your languages and send it to us (Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.).
ABC POZNAN REPORTThe arrest and charges against the participants of the demonstration against U.S. missile base in Poland. Słupsk, 29-30 March 2008The DemonstrationOn the 29th March a demo against U.S. missile base in Poland took place in Slupsk (northern Poland). More about the demo: and police forces were mobilized before the demo. Few days before the demonstration, policemen intruded the demonstration organizers asking about the details of the protest and were trying to intimidate them.During the demo itself, where from 500 to 800 people took part, the police was not offensive. The police units were not visible, that's why the demonstration was peaceful. At the square where the hydepark took place, there was a big police car with video cameras.
23 Polish antimilitarist activists were violently arrested on Sunday (30/03/2008) at a private flat of one of them morning after coming back from a demonstration after-party in Slupsk in nothern Poland.On Saturday (29/03/2008) noon a demonstration against the plans of locating up to ten silo-based long-range missile defence interceptors in Poland took place in Slupsk, a city in northern Poland. The military base where the shield would be placed is located near this city. Around 500 people took part in a peaceful march in the city centre, after that around 50 people came to the military base and tried to come inside but were stopped by the police. Nobody was arrested, one person got a fine for using swearwords and drinking beer.
sobota, 01 marzec 2008 News in english

Rozbrat remembers Ungdomshuset

On Saturday night (1/03/2008) Rozbrat squat activists dropped a banner in Poznan center saying "We remember Copenhagen! We will not give you Rozbrat! Ungdomshuset 1983-1/03/2007, Rozbrat 1994-?". It was made to commemorate the first anniversary of Ungdomshuset eviction. A press communique was released, saying we remember about Copenhagen events, we do not forget and we do not forgive and we will fight for our place too and if anyone doubts it, let this person remember Copenhagen events one year ago. Solidarity is our weapon!
Here are the news about our situation for all those who are interested in defending Poznan's Rozbrat squat. There's a legal trial going on in court against the owner of the ground that used to belong to Darex company and is the biggest part of Rozbrat squat. One of the creditors of that comapny is a bank situated near Warsaw.
Rozbrat Collective would like to thank everyone who in the last days expressed their support and their readiness to defend our place. We've received hundereds of e-mails, telephone calls, letters, both from indviduals and organizations, social movements from Poland and from abroad.
wtorek, 08 styczeń 2008 News in english

Alarm at Rozbrat!

Today, around 10 a.m. bailiff together with cops came to Rozbrat squat. The policemen drilled the lock of the gate, the bailiff had a court's permission to come in and estimate the price of the ground. The middle part of Rozbrat squat (including both concert halls, gallery, bars, library and part of the living area) was indebted for a long time by a company that doesn't exist anymore. The ground price evaluation today means that the ground can be auctioned witthin one or two months - that can mean the end of Rozbrat squat - the longest occupied space in Poland.