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„Rozbrat stays!” - flyers

In October, Rozbrat squat is celebrating its 25th birthday, but its future is uncertain. A bailiff is preparing to auction off the plot, which we occupy. We won’t give it up without a fight! 
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Questo ottobre Rozbrat celebrera’ il suo 25esimo compleanno, ma il suo futuro e’ incerto. L’ufficiale giudiziaro si sta preparando a mettere all’asta l’intera area che abbiamo occupato, ma noi non ci arrenderemo senza lottare!
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wtorek, 25 czerwiec 2019 19:42

Stop the auction: Rozbrat is here to stay!

Bailiff Bartosz Guzik will surely remember this past Monday afternoon for a long time to come. According to media broadcasts, a couple hundred people rallied on the street outside of his office. Poznań residents came out to protest the bailiff’s plans to auction off the land where Rozbrat squatted social center has been based for the past 25 years.  
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środa, 12 czerwiec 2019 12:49

#rozbratstays #rozbratbleibt

Does Rozbrat have problems? Rozbrat has friends! Rozbrat stays! [we need your help] Since Rozbrat's land is about to be auctioned off we've started a support campaign which coincides with the 25th birthday of our squat coming later this year.  
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