WE BOUGHT ROZBRAT! This is just the beginning of the road
WE BOUGHT ROZBRAT! This is just the beginning of the road

WE BOUGHT ROZBRAT! This is just the beginning of the road

  • czwartek, 31 sierpień 2023
Come with us! We just bought an important part of Rozbrat. More precisely: a share in it. To do this we borrowed a lot of money from various people and initiatives. Now we have to give back 320 thousand zlotys. We have already used most of what we have developed to carry out social and environmental activities.

We threw it all on the line, because we know that Rozbrat and the people around it are worth every risk. So we need your help not only to pay off the debts we have accumulated, but also to keep running.

We wouldn't be carrying this off if it weren't for people like you. We can change the world together because you come to Rozbrat actions and meetings, play at Rozbrat concerts, share posts, eat Rozbrat vegan pizza, glue posters or read Rozbrat-published books. Even if you can't join Rozbrat's activities directly, you build them all up, because you're with us on the streets, at concerts or online. Or now and here. On this Fundraise.

Demonstrations, pickets, protests, arrests at actions and court hearings dragging on endlessly, tons of letters, hours of conversations with people in need, recovering their money, fighting for their rights, all-night eviction blockades, with live coverage all over Poland, the first in this country ruthless fight against tenement cleaners, occupations, blockades, meetings and debates, standing with banners in a downpour and marching through the streets in the heat... this is Rozbrat. Rozbrat is the people.

320 thousand zloty. We did it for Rozbrat. For you. For all those who are not indifferent to social and environmental problems. Who do not want patodevelopment, concreting of cities and unrestrained cutting of trees. Who want to get a decent salary for their work and provide their family with a roof over their heads. To live in a world free of exploitation and discrimination. For all those who want to interact and build.

If you think - the matter is settled, nothing of the sort. Remember that this patch - although so important - is only a part of our area. We are not resting on our laurels. We are fighting to preserve Rozbrat in an unchanged form. We know what we have to do, but we won't go any further until we pay off this debt. Until we give back the 320,000. Will you help? Let's do it together!

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